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About Us

The experts for vintage Pin-Up art

We love Pin-Ups and Burlesque Art

Pin-Ups are everywhere – they are sexy, they are funny, inspiring and story telling. What has started in daily magazines and newspapers in the early 50`s to express erotic fantasies in different ways, has today become the most popular style of sensual and erotic art.

The methods, media and interpretation of so called Pin-Ups were never as varied as they are today, from the classic disciplines of painting and drawing, airbrush and photography, to digital techniques.


Under the management from the Guild of Erotic Artists

Today more and more people are turning to the internet to explore and research art and to facilitate original art purchases. However, the multitude of possibilities can be confusing.

Planet-Pinups want to become one of the web’s most popular destinations to learn, explore and buy unique and original vintage style „Pin-Up“- art and interior design. This portal is a network dedicated to cultivating the potential of the internet in providing collectors, appreciators and professionals with the most current, reliable information for exploring, researching and purchasing “Pin-Ups”. Our selective directory of items and artists keeps expanding almost everyday. All Information posted on Planet-Pinups have been thoroughly researched by our curators and we recheck our members on a regular basis. The Guild has developed a unique system for evaluating premium Partners, based on the quality they present and the level of services they offer their customers and members. th3guild3

Learn More about the Guild of erotic Artists

Best available quality

We work together with professional producers and trust on the best brands available to supply superior materials and production quality.

Service and product quality is always above saving costs: Its important to realize the highest quality and customer service instead of saving costs on quality!

worldwide distribution

We distribute our items worldwide. In case you buy original art from one of our members it might take some time to figure out the right shippment. But we give our best to handle delivery as fast and secure as possible.


On location services

Art collecting services, or design concept only. From on location artworks to design concept – supply and fit out. We assist private and business with our professional services – Worldwide! We are working close with pofessional cabaret designers and interior design experts from Europe and the United States.

Meet the Team

Colin Ballard | London Office
Founder & Managing Director

As secretary and founder member of the Guild of Erotic Artists Colin has been raising the Guild to its importance and in the same time became a relevant contact in the UK- art business. Constantly developing and evolving the business and constantly trying fresh initiatives.

Andre Lebenslieber | Cologne Office
Founder & General Management

Online Entrepeneur and E-Commerce professional. In 2008 Andre came in touch with art as publisher of the Gaudium lifestyle magazine. Later he founded the GABP – Galerie am Brüsseler Platz and went on with exhibitions for the Guild and many others.

Bianca Schlich
Art Director / Productmanagement

Her tenacious attention to detail and love of creative designs made her step into the product management role ideal, and will continue to identify, inventory and manage planet-pinups ever changing assets.
Focused on quality researching, Bianca is determined in her search for new products and merchandise items.

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